Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Caterpillar

Mama found a caterpillar. It was all yellow with blue spots on it's back and above it's head there were two spots that looked like eyes.
When we came near it, it would swing the top half of it's body from side to side. They do this to scare predators.  When she found it she was taking a walk with Ronia.
I go to a sewing class.   Every time I go we all make something.
Last time I made a skirt at sewing class.
It's blue with birds on it and it fits me!
We sew many other things besides skirts.
pincushions, needle-books, and hats.
I want to be a good sewer when I grow up.

Monday, May 21, 2012


Italy is a fun place to be.
And I think Italy is the best place
in the world.

I just don’t know why.

It may be that the food is
so good.  Or it may be that
lots of lizards live here.

Well I still don’t know.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Lizards are  fun  to catch. It is hard to catch them too.
I am so happy to be in Italy. It is so fun! Lizards have a
trick  when  an animal like a cat will try to 
catch the lizard it might catch the lizard by the
tail if it does, the lizard can still get away 
because it wiggles until the tail comes 
off. Then the tail wiggles on the ground 
and the cat eats that instead of
the lizard.

Sunday, April 29, 2012


I  like  mice.    I  wish  I  had  a  pet  mouse.   They are so cute.   You  may  not  think  mice  are
fun  animals  but  I  think  they  are. My  sister  Zita  loves  mice. She  has  a toy  mouse and
his  name  is  Topo.  Topo  is stuffed.  I  drew the  picture  above.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My Favorite Animals

I  am  going  to  Italy! Their  are  lots  of  lizards  in  Italy.    It  is  fun  to  catch  them. Chickens  are  my favorite  animal  I  don't  know  why. Why  do I  love  chickens? I forgot  to  say  that  chickens  are  not my  only  favorite  animal  I  also like  cows, ducks, cats, penguins, mice, and bald eagles.

The  girl  in  the  picture  is  my sister  Zita.

Peep Peep

Do  you  know  about  marsh mellow  peeps? They're cute  there  made  out  of  marsh mellow. I  get  them in  my  Easter basket. Dada  loves  peeps  he  thinks  there  yummy  I  do too. Dada  and  I  made  a peep  set  up  of  peeps.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

My Sister Ronia.

I  have  a  baby  sister  her  name  is  Ronia.  I  have  three  sisters.  Ronia  is  the  smallest  of  my  sisters
she  is  so  cute! I  love  Ronia. I  some  times  baby  sit  her  for  Mamma  some times  it is  fun some times  it  is  not.  Ronia  is  one  year  old  and she  is lots  of fun!  But  not  when  she mad. 

Saturday, April 21, 2012

I  watch  chickens  lay  eggs  all  the  time.  It  is  lots   of  fun. Chickens  are  clan  animals   they   wipe
their beaks. They  preen  there  feathers.  Broody  hens  are  funny  they   puff  out  all  their  feathers.

You  may  not  know  what  a  broody  hen  is  but  a  broody  is  a  chicken  that  is  on  her  nest  all  day
for  twenty  one  days.  After  twenty  one  days  you  get  chicks!

Thursday, April 19, 2012


Chickens are fun animals. They are fun to feed and water and it is fun to collect eggs. I love chickens. They are so
cute their chicks are too. I saw a mamma killdeer with her little babies and there were four of them. They were so so cute.
The babies look just like their mamma and dada. I have a love for birds. I do not like red foxes but I love
fennec foxes. They are cute. I do not like red foxes because they eat chickens. But I love chickens so much.