Sunday, April 22, 2012

My Sister Ronia.

I  have  a  baby  sister  her  name  is  Ronia.  I  have  three  sisters.  Ronia  is  the  smallest  of  my  sisters
she  is  so  cute! I  love  Ronia. I  some  times  baby  sit  her  for  Mamma  some times  it is  fun some times  it  is  not.  Ronia  is  one  year  old  and she  is lots  of fun!  But  not  when  she mad. 


  1. Angelica: Hardly anyone is fun when they are mad. Grace has started a blog, too! Check it out! She has planted lots of things in her garden, but it is supposed to get pretty cold tonight....I hope our little plants don't freeze! The squirrels are eating all of my birdseed! Do you have trouble with squirrels, too?
    I love you! Ooma

  2. Love your blog Angelica!!!!!!!!!