Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Lizards are  fun  to catch. It is hard to catch them too.
I am so happy to be in Italy. It is so fun! Lizards have a
trick  when  an animal like a cat will try to 
catch the lizard it might catch the lizard by the
tail if it does, the lizard can still get away 
because it wiggles until the tail comes 
off. Then the tail wiggles on the ground 
and the cat eats that instead of
the lizard.


  1. Wow, Angelica, lizards look like fun. They must be a lot harder to catch than snails. When we get there you will have to show me how you catch them.


  2. When I was a teacher in Florida, one of the little boys brought a lizard into the classroom. When it felt threatened, it did that tail thing and all the little girls screamed and tried to get the boys in trouble for pulling the lizards tail off!